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Best Made Bonded Zip Pouches

When your life needs organizing.
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Photo: Best Made

Photo: Best Made

It's all around you: stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Whether that's drawers full of pens and stationery or a travel bag full of cables and memory cards, life could always use a little more organizing. You might not be a hoarder in the reality show sense of the word, but odds are you have a few odds and ends that need to be dealt with. 

Best Made's Bonded Zip Pouches are perfect for both home and on the road with a 10 oz. duck canvas that's water repellent and is bonded to a 7 oz. flat twill interior. It's also got a write-able label on the front where you could use chalk or a white grease pen and can be erased without damaging the fabric. 

Availabe in two sizes ($34-$38) at

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