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Best Made's Footlocker

Their take on the classic military footlocker.
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Photo: Best Made

Photo: Best Made

As much as we love their axes, our favorite Best Made products have always been their storage solutions. For their next box, they've taken on the old standard issue military footlocker with their own very own version in powder coated steel and it's massive and spacious just like a good footlocker should be. 


The no-nonsense box is made in the USA and its durable steel construction improves upon the overweight plywood footlockers of old. Feature-wise it has a sliding interior tray, side handles, a locking clasp, customizable brass name plate, and a brass pad lock. The Footlocker comes in Army Green or Navy Gray and is great for a multitude of uses, whether it be a functional statement piece for your home or a spacious tool box for the garage, it's definitely something you won't want to keep hidden away. 

$205, available now at

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