Bacardi Facundo Rum Collection



Rum connoisseurs will have a few new options on the shelf as Bacardi launches its first collection of aged sipping rums. Called the FACUNDO Rum Collection, the series is a tribute to Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and will be comprised of four different aged variants.

Taken straight from the company's private reserves the FACUNDO collection will feature: NEO which is aged from 1-8 years and has a sweet taste with floral and almond notes. Eximo, a 10-12 year blended rum with a nutty flavor and hints of vanilla. Exquisito, a bolder rum aged 7-23 years with a warmer taste with notes of raisins and toasted nuts. And last but not least, the gem of the collection, Paraiso, their flagship bottle aged up to 23 years and is filtered over activated carbon and married in French casks after aging. The collection is currently available at select dealers in New York and Miami with a West Coast launch in the Fall to follow.

$45-$250, Bacardi

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