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Audi Auto Union Type C Pedal Car

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Leave it to Audi to make the coolest looking Pedal Car out there, our only gripe is that we're not short enough (4'5) to tool around in it, though we imagine it will surely going to be on the wishlist of many gearheads and racing fans. The Audi Auto Union Type C pays homage to the Audi Grand Prix cars of the thirties, specifically taking its design inspiriation from the Type C Grand Prix race car which won them 10 Grand Prix victories. Now, don't expect this to be a simple piece of plastic with wheels, the Type C has a total of 900 individual parts all of which were built specifically for the car. Features include hydraulic disc-brakes, seven-speed hub gear, and get this, an aluminum space frame just like their full sized automobiles. Only 999 models of the car will be built and can be purchased from your local Audi Importer. [$TBD]

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