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Astronaut and Indians Ceramics

A stunning line of hand thrown ceramics from one of the most promising LA-based apparel brands.
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Photos: Astronauts and Indians

Photos: Astronauts and Indians

Everyone is on the ceramic train at the moment and while there are only a handful that really grab our attention, this new set from LA-based apparel maker Astronauts and Indians is one of the most exciting sets we've seen as of late.

The hand thrown and carved porcelain is a striking piece of sculpture with no two pieces being alike. The six-piece collection features a bottle/vase, three different mugs, and a rice and vegetable bowl. Each piece is glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside. Every single piece is made to order, dated, and signed by Astronauts and Indians designer and founder, Scott Daniel.

$35-$150, Astronauts & Indians

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