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Assouline's The Impossible Collection sets its sights on American Wine

A look at America's finest vintages.
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Assouline The Impossible Collection of American Wine

You don't have to be a knowledgeable oenophile to know that some of the finest bottles of wine come from the good ol' US of A. Assouline's latest edition of the Impossible Collection takes a look at some of the most coveted bottles in the world in the upcoming book, the Impossible Collection of American Wine. 

"In the same series as Assouline’s original The Impossible Collection of Wine: The 100 Most Exceptional Vintages of the Twentieth Century the latest addition to the Ultimate Collection envisions a cellar brimming with the most remarkable American wines. The Impossible Collection of Wine: The 100 Most Exceptional and Collectible American Wines highlights wines from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries produced by the finest vineyards. Celebrating vintages from the legendary 1964 Beaulieu Vineyard Georges de Latour to the more recent yet striking 2010 Ultramarine Blanc de Blancs, this collection reflects all the diversity and beauty that American wine has to offer. Author Enrico Bernardo, Best Sommelier of the World 2004, explores the world of endless surprises that wine has to offer, as well as the joy and memories that it can bring to all those who appreciate it. Including wines from Napa to Walla Walla Valley, the selection takes into account rarity, terroir, taste, and historical mystique. Bernardo celebrates the most exquisite vintages, inviting the reader on a journey through the unique history of American wine, from its beginnings with the Founding Fathers to the momentous Judgment of Paris and the distinct Napa Valley culture of today. Bringing readers on a journey from 1955 to 2016, Bernardo curates a list any connoisseur could only dream of." 

Available on September 18th. 


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