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Assouline and author Faye Mythen launch a new book series on American luxury

The series launches with a look at the greatest American hotels.
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Assouline Amerifine: Icons of American Luxury

In the first book of Faye Mythen's Icons of American Luxury series, Mythen takes a dive into the world of America's greatest hotels. From secluded canyon retreats to legendary celebrity hotspots, the book looks at the properties that set the bar in hospitality and design. 

"Over the course of the last two centuries, the American hotel has become a fixture of the modern lifestyle and a concept that has revolutionized travel, created subcultures, and given new meaning to locales both urban and remote. A superior hotel is much more than a place to spend the night: it is an institution, a cultural center, an icon of luxury. Since the 19th-century opening of the Tremont House—America’s very first five-star hotel—the great American hotels have come to symbolized style, opulence and social distinction to well-heeled travelers from around the globe.

Amerifine, a discerning voice of American luxury, has endeavored to curate the finest, most iconic expressions of American hospitality currently in operation. The fifty independently owned and operated hotels in this book make up the best of what the United States can offer: extraordinary locations, exquisite design, fantastic food, and boundless comfort. These first-class establishments are run by American hoteliers with a passion for proper American hospitality. Without exception, each hotel pictured here fulfills and transcends the great responsibility of the modern hotel: to turn each visitor’s experience of their destination into something truly memorable."


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