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Around the World | The Atlas for Today

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Gestalten contemporizes the Atlas with infographics for the Web 2.0 crowd with "Around the World, The Atlas for Today"

"Looking through an atlas has always been a fascinating way to explore the world. Around the World is a contemporary evolution of an atlas tailored to our information age that takes its readers around the globe in 272 pages.

In this book, compelling information graphics illustrate how natural and man-made phenomena impact our lives. They take us on an entertaining and informative journey that gives us a deeper, more intuitive understanding not only of our planet's geography, but also of the key personal and global developments of the twenty-first century.

Alongside classic facts about nature, history, population, culture, and politics, Around the World's eye-catching information graphics clearly explain complex processes such as global trade and evolving demographics. The book gives added insight into our modern world through its visual exploration of topics such as the changing speed of travel.

Around the World alternates between providing information on general subjects such as families, languages, life expectancies, natural disasters, eating habits, economies, prosperity gaps, or religions and providing more specific details about hobbies, coffee consumption, overfishing, soccer, and internet providers. Of course, the book also depicts events that have left indelible marks on our collective conscience including September 11, the Olympic Games, Japan's Fukushima disaster, and the sinking of the Titanic.

Like any other atlas, Around the World cannot claim to be a complete record. Rather, it serves as a rich cornucopia of information about local peculiarities of global relevance that bring home the little differences--as well as the astoundingly large similarities--among the citizens of the world. Simultaneously objective and enthralling as well as attractive and informative, Around the World's international collection of illustrations and information graphics is for anyone who is and will remain curious about our planet and the people that live on it."


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