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The Amazon Dash Button

And you thought Amazon Prime was convenient.
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Photo: Amazon

Photo: Amazon

What if you had a magic button that you could press that would restock all your home necessities? Well, leave it to Amazon to create exactly that. Their new Dash Button device works exactly as you would imagine it to. Running out of detergent? Stick a Tide button in your laundry cabinet and once you press it, voila!, Amazon automatically puts in an order for you. 

And for launch they've teamed up with many of your favorite brands and products so you'll never run low on things like trash bags, coffee, shaving razors, and much much more. How does it work? The button for each product is set up with the Amazon app on your phone and once you press it, your phone will alert you that you've ordered a product and lets you cancel the order if you don't need to restock. 

Available now for Amazon Prime members at

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