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Air New Zealand wants to add sleep pods to their economy class cabin

Business class shouldn't be the only way to be well-rested on long haul flights.
Air New Zealand Sleep Nest

With some of the longest routes in the world, Air New Zealand has been spending the last few years researching how to make its economy class cabin even more comfortable. They hope to keep travelers well-rested with what they're calling the Economy Skynest, a set of six full-length lie-flat sleep pods where you can put your head down and comfortably get a full night's worth of sleep. Flyers would be able to book a Skynest pod in addition to their existing seat and each pod will feature a privacy curtain, sleep-friendly lighting, a USB port to charge your devices, and a ventilation outlet. 

Air New Zealand's Economy Skynest is still a prototype and a final decision to implement the service will be decided next year.

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