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As much as we miss air travel, one thing we certainly don't miss is the chaos of a busy airport. And now that we've been living the past year in a new world of social distancing, getting thrown back into a packed terminal post-pandemic isn't exactly how we would like to ease back into flying. Aero wants to change that with their semi-private airline that aims to streamline your entire flying experience with a strong focus on convenience, safety, and luxury. 

Targeting leisure travel, Aero is all about delivering a drama-free getaway that removes the typical hassles of flying commercial with access to private terminals and lounges, a dedicated concierge team, and luxurious jet cabins that have been fully customized for Aero. A vacation should be relaxing and anxiety-free from end-to-end, one that doesn't have you stressing over bin space or long lines, just a seamless experience through and through. Now go put that mask on and keep a safe distance so we can all safely get back to the skies.

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