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Acquire Vs. The Yaris x Gran Turismo Club Sport Challenge

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For two days a handful of select media outlets (including yours truly) were pitted against some of racing's elite for what was the first ever Yaris x Gran Turismo Club Sport Challenge. The event brought us to the famed Willow Springs Raceway, where we quickly ran through a racing 101 crash course with Danny McKeever's Fastlane Racing School and then it was off to the track where we put our newly learned skills to the

After a day of practice, we hit the track in our Toyota Yarises where we battled against Nascar Driver Joey Logano, Motorcross Stars Justin Brayton, Davi Milsaps, and Joe, JD, and Coy Gibbs of the JGR Racing Family. Our Challenge? To record our best lap time plus our best virtual lap time in a customized track in Gran Turismo 5. And while I wish I could say Acquire brought home the trophy, that honor went to motorsport photographer, Sean Klingelhoefer, who not only recorded the best total lap time of the media, but also bested Joey Logano's GT5 lap time on the virtual track by a mere second. And in case you were wondering, Sean was only behind Joey by a second and a half on his actual track time. I think we can all agree that Sean needs to sit behind the wheel instead of behind the viewfinder.


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