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Suntory Tsukuriwake Selection

The House of Suntory unveils its 2022 Yamazaki Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection, a collection of four Yamazaki single malts that include Puncheon, Peated Malt, Spanish Oak, and Mizunara expressions. Together, the four bottles make up the essential components of Yamazaki whisky and you can bet each and every single bottle is going to be aggressively sought after once they hit shelves across the globe. 

Considered the heart of the Yamazaki single malt, Yamazaki Puncheon is described to have a nose of "green apple, mature pear, acacia honey with hint of vanilla" and a palate that's "clean, velvety and mild, with delicate butterscotch notes" with a finish of "oaky woodiness with subtle sweetness." Peated Malt is described to have a nose that's "subtly smoky with green herbal notes" with a palate that's "gently peated with hints of earthiness, pineapple and citrus notes" and a finish that's "complex with lingering peatiness." 

Yamazaki Spanish Oak is said to have a nose of "dried raisins and prunes, with hints of sundried tomatoes" with a palate that's "delicately rich and decadent with subtle acidity" and a finish that's "buttery with lingering acidity and hint of bitterness." Yamazaki Mizunara's tasting notes has its nose described as "rich and elegant top note, custard cream, cinnamon" with a palate that is "gentle on the tongue, aromatic and round with spiced sweet notes" and a finish of "distinctive deep woody notes reminiscent of Japanese incense."

The 2022 Yamazaki Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection will be available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Singapore, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand, and Australia next month. 


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