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This Month in Music: July 2008

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We've noticed the music section on acquire hasn't been shown much love since we launched the site, so we decided to start a new feature that covers our picks from music's new releases every month. This month sees a couple of major releases including Nas's much anticipated "Untitled" album and our favorite "Guero", Beck, with his his new album, Modern Guilt. More after the jump.

Nas: Untitled


Its always an event in hip hop when Nas has a new album out and you can bet his ninth studio album, Untitled, is no exception. The once controversially named album has the Illmatic MC bringing his lyrical intellect back into the game with songs produced by DJ Green Lantern, Mark Ronson, Salaam Remi, and Polow da Don just to name a few. Some of favorite tracks include the laid back "Breathe", the anthemic single "Hero", and "Fried Chicken" which guest stars Busta Rhymes. Out July 15th. Link:$10

CSS: Donkey


Those funky Brazilians are at it again with their sophomore record, Donkey. Donkey moves a bit away from the sugary electro pop beats for a sound that's a little heavier but doesn't stray to far from the quirky, yet catchy formula that made CSS's first album so fun to listen to. Out July 22. Link:$14

Beck: Modern Guilt


Modern Guilt has the alt-rock icon delivering the experimental "Beck" sound we all know and love with production duties handed off to the infamous mashup artist, Danger Mouse. The album effectively mixes retro and contemporary beats for that signature Beck style with a little bit of a futuristic soundscape thrown in. The only problem we have is the relatively short length which clocks in at about a little more than half an hour, though its definitely a 30 minutes well spent. Link:$10

Alkaline Trio: Agony & Irony


Diehard Alkaline Trio fans looking for all things dark and depressing inside the group's major label debut, Agony & Irony, are sure to be disappointed with their latest effort. However, if you're looking for decent pop-punk fare its a good listen, but seriously how "punk" can you be when your music is the backdrop to an episode of The Hills? Link:$12

Black Kids: Partie Traumatic


If their first two singles are any indication, Partie Traumatic will be chock full of new wave styled goodness for the next generation of kids who have never heard of the Cure or New Order. Look out for this one when its released. Out July 22. Link:$12

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