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Steam Controller

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One of the most exciting developments in gaming isn't just the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One, its what's happening in the PC gaming world with Steam and its new attempt on taking over the living room. With the recently announced Steam Machines (More about that here) its looking more and more like Valve is going to have one hell of a platform to compete against the conventional video game market. One of the most exciting announcements is one of the most important, the controller. The Steam Controller is a unique gamepad that was designed from the ground up for compatibility with every game in the vast Steam library with two main circular, high-resolution trackpads that take advantage of the latest haptic technology and are also clickable. You'll also get an array of mappable buttons and a high-res touchscreen which has its display overlayed on the screen so you're paying attention to the screen and not the controller. We're not entirely sure how well it will play in-hand, but we have a feeling Valve knows what they're doing and one thing's for certain, its a great time to be a gamer.


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