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Sony Announces the PlayStation 4

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Sony just jumpstarted the next generation of gaming (sorry Wii U fans) today with the announcement of the PlayStation 4. While Sony hasn't given the public a look at the actual console, the company has offered up a good look at the new features and titles to launch with the PS4. New to the PS4 is a brand new Dual Shock 4 controller with Move-like capability and features a built-in touchpad, enhanced rumble, and a share button for sharing and capturing gaming footage to your favorite social network. And of course, the new console is also all about connectivity and the cloud, from remote play to your PS Vita to instant boot times that let you get right into the game as soon as you start downloading. For the spec nerds the PS4 will boast an eight-core AMD CPU with a next-gen 1.84 teraflop RADEON GPU, 8GBs of GDDR5 RAM, Blu-Ray and on-board storage. Look for the PS4 to launch later this year. Sony

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