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Mario Maker

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Nintendo can release as many new Mario games as it wants, but I think everyone can agree nothing beats the charm of the 2D original. Today Nintendo is taking it back to the game that started it all with a game we all dreamed of as kids, Mario Maker.

Mario Maker is a new Wii U game that finally lets you play God (or Shigeru Miyamoto) over your very own Mario levels. Yes, your very own customized Mario levels as easy or as frustratingly difficult as you want. Design is as easy as picking up Super Mario Bros. for the first time, you use the Wii U's touch screen controller to drag and drop level elements such as bricks or bad guys wherever you want and not only that, you can switch your level designs from the old 8-bit Mario to the modern Mario graphic engine of today. Look for Mario Maker on the Wii U in 2015.


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