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If you spent a good amount of time inside any arcade in the 90s, odds are you've dumped a decent chunk of change inside a NEOGEO-powered cabinet. Those machines offered a unique experience in that the cabinets offered the chance to play multiple titles of which some are still cult-favorites to this day. 

Analogue, creator of stunning renditions of classic video game systems, is creating a limited edition run of NEOGEO arcade systems that will be handcrafted here in the USA from 100% ash with an ebony finish. The NEO will boast all the features of the standard Big Red cabinet and is compatible with the original cartridges and memory cards and do this with no emulation. 

The system itself will feature a two-player classic Seimitsu joystick with the original NEOGEO button colors and has been updated for compatibility with HDTVs as well as CRTs if you're a purist and want the traditional setup. 

$1,499, Analogue


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