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Raise your hand if you've purchased a 3D Blu-ray lately. Nobody? It shouldn't be that big of surprise, 3D in the home has always been a tough sell. From the expensive hardware to expensive content to straight up consumer confusion on whether your TV can even display 3D content, its not exactly as easy as it should be. Enter 3DGO!, a newly-launched streaming service delivering 3D the way it should be: a simple app that lets you watch big blockbusters in 3D right out of the box, streamed instantly right over the internet, and at a pricepoint that won't burn a hole in your wallet. Titles are priced at $5.99 for library titles to $7.99 for new releases, which is definitely easier to swallow than shelling out $30-$50 for something you probably won't watch again. More importantly, the company has been closing deals with major studios to deliver all the latest and greatest titles, so you won't be stuck with the umpteenth version of 3D birds and waterfalls. 3DGO! is currently available on 3D-enabled Vizio TVs and will soon be available on 3D sets from Panasonic.


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