After disappearing from American showrooms for over 20 years, Land Rover returned to the states last year with an all-new Defender, carrying the torch for the brutish utility vehicle that many consider to be one of the most iconic cars of all time. As you can imagine, the Land Rover design team had its work cut out for them as the new Defender would be the first major redesign of the model since its debut more than 60 years ago. And after endless teasers and an announcement that it would star in the next James Bond film, the new Defender was revealed in the fall of 2019, delivering on its promise of a utility-driven design that blended Land Rover refinement and terrain-ready capability. 


Though the Defender was released during the pandemic, sales numbers have been overwhelmingly positive (almost 17,000 units sold in the last quarter alone) for the brand and excitement continues to grow with the recently released two-door D90 and the upcoming high-performance V8 models. And if you ask us, the brand certainly nailed it with a true Defender for the modern era. The old vs. new argument is one that will never end but when it comes to technical performance and comfort, it's one of those product unicorns that stands in a league of its own. And while you could make constant comparisons to the G-Wagen, Jeep, or even the new Ford Bronco, there's only one Land Rover Defender and it's back and better than ever. 

From $47,700, landroverusa.com

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