A culmination of over 60 years of building some of the best wagons in the world.

The new Volvo V90 might just be one of the most beautiful modern wagons to ever hit the streets. The company has a long heritage of building some of the best wagons in the world and that is absolutely evident in their newest model. Launching as part of their flagship 90 series, the V90 is not just a beautiful face, it's going to pack some serious power under the hood.

The T8 Twin Engine is a gas-powered plug-in hybrid that will produce around 400 hp and will be able to run for up to 30 miles on electric power alone. It will also feature the latest gadgets like Pilot Assist semi-autonomous drive technology and Bowers & Wilkins audio with dashboard tweeters and an integrated air-ventilated subwoofer. More importantly, Volvo believes in wagons in America and will launch the car Stateside in 2017.


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