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Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept teases the possibility of a future hybrid targa

Hey Toyota, you need to release this thing. Pronto.
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Toyota GR HV SPORTS concept

The GT86/FR-S/BR-Z was great and all, but we all know Toyota can do more with their sports coupe program and today they have. The company is debuting their GR HV SPORTS concept and it takes that familiar GT-86 styling and turns it into a targa-topped, hybrid sports coupe. 

Inspired by Toyota Gazoo Racing's TS050 Hybrid racing car from WEC, the concept boasts a targa top, a Toyota Hybrid System-Racing engine, and a more aggressive take on the GT-86 styling. 

Inside the car is where you'll find the most interesting feature of all, a manual transmission, but not just any manual transmission. The stick resembles a traditional manual and can operate in an H-pattern, but can also switch back to an automatic mode when necessary.

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