Los Angeles' Petersen Museum opens the "The Porsche Effect" exhibit

Featuring 50 of the most iconic Porsches in the company's history.
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With Porsche so deeply ingrained in California car culture, it only made sense to bring 50 of the world's most iconic Porsches to a new exhibit at LA's Petersen Museum. Created in collaboration with Porsche North America, the Porsche Effect exhibit will showcase rare artifacts and cars like the 939 Type 64 Berlin-Rome race car, a 1964 901, a 1987 928 H50 Study, a 1955 550 Spyder, the 1985 959 “Paris-Dakar,” Steve McQueen’s 356 Speedster, and Bruce Meyer’s 1979 935 K3. 

The Porsche Effect will be open until January 2019. 


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