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The Fisker Karma

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On a street laden with Italian supercars, the biggest automotive spectacle that day didn't have a roaring V12 under the hood, in fact, it was the silent whir of our Fisker Karma press car. Back in the beginning of 2008, we introduced you to Henrik Fisker's ambitious plan to not only create a high-performance hybrid super-sedan, but to launch an entirely new car company around it.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Fisker dream has come to fruition and the end result is well, pretty damn spectacular. The first thing you'll notice is how beautiful this car is, the aggressive curves definitely make this car a sight to behold and that was evident with the countless amount of people stopped dead in their tracks wondering what the hell we were driving. Inside, the car is swathed in 21st century details, eco-friendly materials (optional), and a healthy amount of all-digital displays across the dash, including a 10.2'' haptic touchscreen. As for performance the Karma is no slouch, 0-60 in 6.3 seconds and a limited top speed of 125 mph. We took the Karma through the LA canyons and for a car of its size, it attacked and handled the corners like a svelte GT.

While all the creature comforts and performance numbers are great, what's most important here is the fuel economy. In all-electric use you will get a range of 50 miles which is perfect for the average commute and when you run out of juice the gas engine kicks in for an additional range of 250 miles. With its supercar-like styling and ability to be a competent daily driver, the Karma is an impressive feat of engineering and an exciting first entry for a company that is just getting started. Fisker Karma - $102,000


By Bernard Antolin


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