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2020 Flying Spur

The Bentley Flying Spur is everything you could ever want in a luxury sedan. It's got all of the top-of-the-line features and amenities and its 6.0L W12 makes it the fastest four-door production car on the planet with a supercar-level top speed of 207 mph. We're not here to talk about performance numbers though, we're here to talk about the details that make it worthy of wearing that Flying B. From the crystal wings of the retractable Flying B mascot to the 3D diamond quilted doors, we've collected some of our favorite design elements from one of the most opulent cars on the road today. 

The Flying B


The Spirit of Ecstacy has some new competition in the form of what might be the most eye-catching detail on the Flying Spur. The retractable Flying B crowns the car's bold grille, rising in dramatic fashion with intricately detailed crystal wings that emit a soft white glow for even more impact. 

Crystal Cut-effect Headlights 


While the retractable Flying B could be seen as the crown jewel of the Flying Spur, the headlights resemble actual jewels themselves. Designed with a crystal cut effect pattern, the facets shine with a gem-like sparkle and when lit, it creates a light signature that is unlike anything else you've ever seen. 

Electroformed Badges


What you're looking at isn't simply just a Bentley logo on a piece of carbon fiber. Available from the carbon fiber styling specification, the side skirts feature a 2x2 twill pattern that is woven in the same direction as the rest of the matching components to maintain consistency and each skirt is finished with an electroformed three-dimensional Bentley badge. 

Analog Gauges


The Bond-like gadget that is the Bentley Rotating Display spins to show three options: a center console display, a plain panel, and our favorite, a trio of analog gauges. The trio is comprised of a temperature gauge, a compass, and a chronometer, each of which are wrapped with a knurled bezel. It's something that's definitely a breath of fresh air in an industry that is looking to digitize the entire driving experience.

Naim's Speaker Grilles


At an ear-shaking 2,200 watts, Naim's audio system is one of the most powerful in the industry. They've taken special care to embellish each of the speaker grilles with a mesh, lattice pattern that showcases you're listening to something truly special. 



One element that is seen throughout the interior is the diamond knurling that wraps around the car's switches. It's a detail that not only look stunning, but it also has a three-dimensional texture that you can't stop touching. 

World Class Stitching


The complexity behind the stitching found on Bentley's leather upholstery requires a talented group of craftspeople who use almost two miles of thread for the entire cabin. Just the steering wheel alone requires 16 feet of thread that is sewn through 352 holes and it's said that the technique used to do this is so complex that it can't be replicated by a machine. And the emblems on the headrest? Those feature over 5,000 individual stitches.

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