Tesla announces "Autopilot" with their latest software update. - Acquire

Tesla announces "Autopilot" with their latest software update.

Now that's a software upgrade worth talking about.
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Photo: Tesla

Photo: Tesla

It's safe to say Tesla is changing the way we drive our cars and their latest feature might just be the beginning of a new era of self-driving automobiles. The software update takes advantage of new hardware upgrades recently added to the Model S such as long range ultrasonic sensors and a digitally-operated electric assist braking system to aid the car when Autopilot mode is engaged. 

The feature will allow the cars to steer inside a lane, change lanes with just a touch of the turn signal, and control speed via traffic-aware cruise control. It will also keep you safe with digital controls that help actively avoid collisions to the front and sides of the car. You can even have the car watch out for open parking spaces and once one is found, the car will tell you and will then parallel park into the space. 


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