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Tesla Introduces an Entry Level Model X

The Model X 60D starts at $76,500.
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Tesla Model X 60D

Photo: Tesla

Tesla's big people hauler is getting a new entry level model called the 60D, bringing the all-electric flagship to its lowest price ever. Starting at $76,500, the falcon-winged car has 200 miles of range with a 130 mph top speed and a 0-60 time of 6 seconds flat.

Standard features in the 60D include electric all-wheel-drive, parking and blind spot sensors, full LED headlights, panoramic glass windshield, falcon wing doors, and an automatic rear liftgate. An upgrade to a higher capacity 75 kWh battery is also available and deliveries for the 60D are set for late September. 

$76,500, teslamotors.com

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