Shelby celebrates 50 years with a special edition 427 Roadster - Acquire
Shelby American marks 50 years of one of the most iconic cars in automotive history.
Photo: Shelby American

Photo: Shelby American

There are roadsters and then there's the Shelby Cobra, a car that is deserving of a category all its own. Shelby American is celebrating the car with a special 50th Anniversary model that will be released in January. 50 of the 427 Anniversary Cobras will be available, complete with special edition badging on the hood and side vents. 

Two versions will be available: One model in hand laid fiberglass ($120,000) and the other in hand formed aluminum ($180,000). On the inside you'll have a choice of vinyl or leather seating, custom black carpeting, and on the exterior you'll get the Shelby spec reproduction wheels. The aluminum model will be available with a polished exterior with or without brushed stripes and the fiberglass car will be available in Guardsman Blue with Wimbeldon white racing stripes. Engine and transmission are not included. More info at

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