Bentley unveils the GT3 edition of the new Continental GT

The super coupe puts on its racing suit.
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New Bentley Continental GT3

You could definitely say a lot of jaws dropped when Bentley revealed its next-generation Continental GT and the new GT3 version is just as incredible. Ready for the 2018 season, the new GT3 builds on a long history of legendary Bentley race cars, including the previous GT3 that has had a number of victories and podiums. 

The aluminum structure of the new Continental GT helps keep it light and the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 will bring plenty of power to the race track. It also has a new dry sump system, new intake, and a new exhaust system. There's also an array of aerodynamic upgrades to enhance downforce and the suspension and braking systems are exclusive to the GT3.

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