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Rolls Royce's Phantom Zenith is the final chapter for their current flagship coupé

A luxurious goodbye to the ultimate 2+2.
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Photo: Rolls Royce

Photo: Rolls Royce

With the Rolls Royce Dawn and Wraith cementing their places as the coupe and convertibles of their product line, the company waves goodbye to Phantom Coupé with the Phantom Zenith collection. The collection will consist of the last 50 Phantom Coupes and every single one is already spoken for. 

Each car has bespoke features tailored to each customer including things like a glass shelf that can be deployed as a bar for serving champagne. Inside, the car is detailed with laser etching on the armrest cappings that illustrate the locations of where the coupe and convertible made their global debuts. 

One of the most impressive touches is an exclusive aluminum case decorated in Best English Blacking and houses a piece of the Phantom Assembly Line from Rolls Royce's home in Goodwood, England. Other details include a brushed steel speedometer, an updated version of their signature Starlight Headliner that fades into the rear, and blood-orange tips along the instrument dial, which are inspired by the brand's Phantom Coupé Aviator Collection.

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