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Rolls-Royce waves goodbye to the Phantom VII

The company gets ready for its next-generation flagship.
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Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Final

When BMW acquired Rolls-Royce, the company aimed to restore the British marque to its original glory as the most prestigious automobile brand in the world. Unveiled in 2003, the Phantom was an immediate success debuting an all-new aluminum spaceframe that was wrapped around a powerful 6.75L V-12.

Today, the last seventh-generation Phantom rolls off the line with a long wheelbase model commissioned by a Rolls-Royce collector. Inspired by an ocean liner from the '30s, the Phantom features an endless list of details such as clocks that are styled after classic radio clocks and a maritime theme throughout. The exterior of the car is finished in Blue Velvet with a twin coachline motif, matching pinstriped tires, and a solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy.

The car marks the end of the Phantom VII production line and makes way for the eighth-generation model, which will arrive in early 2018.

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