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Nestled in the Northern Rockies region of south-central Idaho is the resort town of Sun Valley, a home to world-class skiing, picturesque hiking trails, and an annual destination for some of the most powerful people in the world. While Sun Valley may not be as big of a name as Aspen, Park City, or Jackson Hole, the scenic and mountainous terrain served as the perfect backdrop for testing the all-wheel-drive capability of the Rolls Royce Ghost and Cullinan.

The English automaker’s lineup is probably known more for its ultra-luxurious interiors and benchmark-setting handling but they also happen to be quite capable when you have to venture off the asphalt. And with the snow-dusted roads of Sun Valley offering the perfect proving grounds for the cars, we set forth on a route that put two of the most prestigious vehicles on the planet through their paces.  


The ultra-plush interiors were a welcome treat shielding us from the crisp and cold Idaho air. The Ghost brings a precise mix of refinement and technology, centered around meticulously-finished piano black trim that stretches across the full expanse of the dash that's bookended by an illuminated fascia that surrounds the Ghost wordmark in glowing field of 850 three dimensional stars. As you would imagine, each vehicle is packed to the brim with only the best materials, from buttery soft leathers to perfectly polished stainless steel trim, and all the amenities you would expect in a Rolls-Royce. 


Comfort and calm are what the brand is all about and that's fully evident once you've settled into the cabin, each of the car's acoustics have been specially tweaked to ensure just the right level of silence making conversations effortless while also creating an environment that complements the bespoke audio system to deliver studio-quality sound, immersing you in your music while eliminating outside disturbances and vibrations. 


While a Rolls-Royce will always and forever be the ultimate car to be driven in, both vehicles are definitely driver's cars. They each offer precise handling with an airy and exceptionally smooth ride while still being sporty and agile. Rolls' renowned handling is immediately apparent when taking the cars through unpaved roads and rough terrain, situations that are tackled effortlessly without issue. Through the local mountain roads, both the Ghost and Cullinan confidently managed the twists and turns while the Ghost took it further with its new Planar Suspension System, ironing out any bumps in the road to keep the drive experience as silky smooth as possible. 


Rolls-Royce continues to be the pinnacle of automotive luxury and driving one is akin to having the red carpet rolled out to you wherever you go. When you think of the luxurious features to be had in a Rolls-Royce, it's no longer enough to kick back underneath a star-filled headliner. Customers want that experience on any road and they don't want a bit of dirt or ice to get in their way. Sure, these cars won't be chasing overlanders through Moab but these magnificently engineered machines are now more versatile than they've ever been in their 116-year-old history. You'll just have to take it up with the Spirit of Ecstacy if you plan on getting a little mud on her dress. 

From $339,000,

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