RM Auctions lists one of the most unique Ferraris in the world.
Photo: RM Auctions

Photo: RM Auctions

Next month, collectors will have an opportunity to bid on one of those most unique Ferrari builds in the world, a 1953 250 Europa by Vignale. Only 22 of the 250 Europas were built before the introduction of the second series and of the 22, only four were bodied by Vignale. This specific model was shipped to New York in 1953 and was then put on display at the World Motor Sports Show at Madison Square Garden in 1954.

Since then, the car has seen a handful of owners throughout the US and then ended up in Switzerland where it received a thorough restoration and finally ended up back in the US where it won the 2015 Cavallino Classic award and is now coming full circle as it goes on sale at the Driven by Disruption event in New York, where it was originally placed on display nearly 60 years ago. 

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