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As a new truck manufacturer, Rivian has set the bar high exceeding expectations for an electric vehicle. The R1T is the first model to launch for the company and is the first quad motor electric vehicle on the market. We got behind the wheel of the newly crowned "Motor Trend Truck of the Year" and instantly became a believer.

The exterior of the R1T is sleek and stylish. There are minimal extrusions from the mostly minimalistic body. Innovation takes center stage yet the truck still feels familiar. From the body-leveled door handles to the flat face and small grille - the R1T makes a statement without trying too hard (yes, I’m looking at you Cybertruck).


Storage is one of the perks of driving an EV and Rivian kicks it up a notch with its signature gear tunnel space that cleverly utilizes a portion of the truck that is often ignored. The gear tunnel can fit a host of items or can be outfitted to store the Snow Peak camp kitchen, which is exclusively offered as an upgrade. If given the opportunity and budget, this is definitely one upgrade we would consider for our R1T build. Another area for storing gear is the frunk (front trunk), which makes use of the large cavernous space where a motor would typically be located. One last storage solution is the integrated tonneau cover, which ensures a factory look, while maximizing the amount of storage space in the bed of the truck.


The R1T’s interior boasts a modern cabin complete with a large touchscreen interface that controls practically everything. We appreciate the thoughtful design touches offered from the choice of materials to the color palette of the upholstery. Attention to detail may be an understatement when it comes to the cockpit’s look and feel which perfectly balances textures, materials, and colors. With its comfortable and luxurious interior, you'll often forget that you're behind the wheel of a very capable pickup truck. 

This vehicle shines both on and off road and is by far the quickest truck I’ve ever driven. From a standing stop, the truck gracefully and powerfully hit 60mph in just over 3-seconds. The instantaneous torque is felt immediately and feels like an amusement park ride every time you hit the gas. Once on the trail, the true capabilities of the R1T start to come into focus. Various modes make it easy enough to engage and activate for most off-road situations - all at the touch of a button. The suspension was smooth through the packed dirt and adjusted well through the ruts. Technology is robust and complements the truck's off-road capability. A plethora of cameras can be engaged to give a full view of every corner and viewpoint, a handy feature when exploring rough terrain.


While the driving experience didn’t offer a full opportunity to test out all scenarios, it was obvious that the truck is capable of much more. It easily fits most lifestyles whether it's used for daily commuting, work, or as a camping rig - there really is a lot to like.

We didn't get a change to try out the R1T's towing capacity, which is set at an incredible 11,000 pounds, which is comparable to most full size trucks in its class. When it comes to the battery, the R1T offers about 314 miles of range. Rivian has also committed to the electric infrastructure and plans to install chargers at popular outdoor locations including national parks, campsites, and at trailheads. As for charging time, a DC fast charger can add about 140 miles with just 20 minutes of charging and a home wall charger will give you about 25 miles of range per hour. 

Beyond the obvious features, the R1T is rich with details and essentials. A full size spare is conveniently stashed in the bed of the truck for easy access. Overlanders and off-roaders will appreciate the built-in air compressor along with a removable speaker that also doubles as a lantern and there's a flashlight at the ready just in case. The trunk bed also features two electrical charging ports making it easy to work from the road so you can tap into power while off the grid to charge all your gear. 


The R1T offers plenty of options. It is easy enough to build and modify the truck to your liking. There are a host of aftermarket goods that are and will become available from all-terrain tires to outdoor goods including bed top tents. The manufacturer has considered their end users and it will be exciting to see how people will begin to personalize their rigs.

Overall, the R1T has definitely exceeded most of our expectations. The only problem was the minimal time spent with the truck that left us craving for a bit more seat time. It's price point is right in line with many of the higher-end trucks out there and if you're looking for something a solid mix of eco-friendliness, luxury, and capability for your off-road adventures, the R1T will be hard to beat. 

From $67,500,

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