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Porsche 911 R Slate Grey Paint to Sample

The 911 R is arguably the most exciting model to hit the Porsche line up in a very long time and its skyrocketing prices only seem to cement that fact. So if you're going to pay over sticker for one, which one should you get? Well, a sleek PTS Slate Grey model has surfaced in Paris and it could very well be the best option out there.

Why? For starters, the 911 R has mostly been offered in white or silver so this paint to sample color combo is quite special. The original owner also requested number #967 specifically to commemorate the original 911 R from 1967 and was designed to pay tribute to Steve McQueen as his quote "Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting" is printed on the door sills. More importantly, 25% of the car's hammer price above its reserve will go toward children's cancer research.

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