Land Rover's four-wheeled fortress, the Range Rover Sentinel

Don't leave your castle without it.
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Photo: Land Rover

Photo: Land Rover

The Sentinel is everything you would want in a fully equipped Range Rover, in fact, the company based the car on the Autobiography with the only difference being that this can take a bullet, an explosion, and keep you in one piece while evading that nightmarish scenario. 

The Sentinel is the first armored Land Rover that was developed in-house at their Special Vehicle Operations division to not only create a luxurious and comfortable environment for its passengers, but a thoroughly protective one as well. 

Specifically, the Sentinel is able to withstand damage from things like explosions from grenades and armor piercing bullets. It is able to do this with a six-piece armoured passenger cell constructed from high-strength-steel and complemented with multi-laminated bulletproof glass. Other details include a tamper-resistant exhaust, self-sealing fuel tank, auxiliary back-up battery, run-flat tires, and much more. 

€400,000, Land Rover

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