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Porsche vision “Renndienst”

Porsche has offered a little peek into its top-secret design studio for a look at fifteen never-before-seen concepts in a new series called "Porsche Unseen." One of the most fascinating examples is the Porsche vision “Renndienst”, a van-like, family-focused design designed for up to six-people with a center-positioned driver seat, an all-electric powertrain, and a modular cabin. Porsche also revealed the 919 Street, a road-going LMP1-inspired supercar and a futuristic take on the 550 with the Porsche Vision Spyder. Both models can be viewed in the gallery below. 

All fifteen models can be seen in the book, "Porsche Unseen," which is currently available at the Porsche Museum shop. / (book)

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