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Porsche's Passport subscription service gives you access to 22 different cars for a monthly fee

You can now have access to a Porsche for every purpose with just a couple taps on your smartphone.
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Porsche Passport

Porsche Passport is offering a new monthly subscription service that lets customers have on-demand access to up to 22 different Porsche models. Whether that means you need a 911 for the weekend, a Panamera 4S for the week, or a Macan for your ski trip, you'll have access to a Porsche for every need and it's as easy as using your favorite app on your smartphone. 

The subscription will be available in two tiers: "Launch", which give you access to eight models that include cars like the Cayman, Boxster, Macan, and Cayenne and "Accelerate", which expands the Launch option list to include Panameras, 911s, and various other performance or hybrid versions. 

Launch will cost $2,000 and Accelerate will cost $3,000. Both will require a one-time activation fee of $500 and the service is currently only available in the Atlanta market. Insurance, taxes, maintenance, and delivery is also included in this price.

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