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Porsche previews its most powerful street-legal 911 ever

The 2018 GT2 RS is coming and it's ready to take on the world's best.
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Porsche GT2 RS

One of the biggest highlights at yesterday's Xbox E3 conference wasn't a game, Porsche used the event as the worldwide debut of its fastest 911 ever, the 2018 GT2 RS. The company's exclusivity to EA just expired and now Porsche is taking full advantage of the opportunity by making the new GT2 RS the cover car for the upcoming Forza 7 racing game. 

No firm specs have been revealed other than the overall look and that it will feature their 3.8L twin-turbo and will have almost 700 hp. And of course, you'll be able to drive the car in to your heart's content in full 4K resolution when the game releaes alongside the Xbox One X this November.

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