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Porsche Classic Carrera GT Recommissioned

15 years later, the Porsche Carrera GT continues to be a legend amongst today's fastest hypercars and recently the company's Classic division got a chance to work on the car once again. An American-based cliened requested for a custom reconstruction of his vehicle to the degree that only Porsche could deliver. 

The end result is a stunning piece of automotive artwork, complete with a Oak Green Metallic paint, a color that was never available for the Carrera GT. It was also fitted with a very special magnesium wheel from BBS that features a polished rim ring. To avoid weakening the structure of the wheel, the polishing of the ring required a unique solution: silver. 

The silver treatment allowed for the wheel to achieve that chrome-like finish and a clear lacquer protected the finish from being tarnished from environmental conditions. The carbon fiber elements were also refreshed and required 350 hours of manual sanding and recoating to bring them back to their original condition.

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