Porsche's got a nice treat for 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series customers who can't get enough of carbon fiber. The company is debuting a lightweight wheel made from braided carbon fiber that is 18.7 lbs less than conventional alloys and is 20% stronger 

Built from carbon fibre reinforced polymer, CFRP for short, the wheel is constructed from two components with a center portion made from carbon fiber fabric and a rim base made from braided carbon fiber.

The sophisticated process to create the wheel involves the world’s largest carbon fibre braiding machine and requires an injection of resin and then undergoes a pre-hardening at high temperatures. Each wheel then goes into a long cooling process. 

The end result is a piece that is much more dense and rigid and takes a whopping 86 square feet of carbon fiber fabric to make just one wheel.  

€15,232 (approx. $17,889), porsche.com

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