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Porsche is showing off what's possible through their new Sonderwunsch program with Paolo Barilla's custom 911 GT3. Inspired by the Porsche 956 that Barilla himself drove to victory in 1985, the custom 911 GT3 features a Summer Yellow, white, and black exterior with white wheels at the front and gold wheels at the rear. The side plates on the rear spoiler have also been tweaked to recreate the design and geometry of the 956 while maintaining the car's aerodynamic performance.

The interior is finished in black with door entry guards and trim in yellow. There are also "956" and "Le Mans 1985" details throughout the car and they've even updated the shift knob to mimic the magnesium ball fro the race car. This was accomplished via a milled block of aluminum, which was then sanded to give it a matte finish.

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