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Photos: John Pangilinan

Photos: John Pangilinan

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The Pirelli World Challenge combines the best of what racing is and should be. Races are a quick 50-minute sprint so even the most casual of race fan can enjoy the action. As you'll see, the tracks are filled with a who's who of the top manufacturers with over 17 makes and models that go head to head across six competition classes.

The opening weekend for the Pirelli World Challenge was held at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA), a world-class facility that rivals any venue in the Western Hemisphere. The state of the art venue is nestled next to Austin, Texas and a quick trip up the Observation Deck gives you the best view of the entire 3.427-mile, 20-turn road course. The race will continue its tour throughout the year making it way through tracks such as Lime Rock Park, Road America, and then finishes the season at Laguna Seca. 


The on-track action is raw and exciting and something to experience. The short duration of each race forces drivers to take advantage of each lap, often pushing the limits of their vehicles and their abilities. Despite the diverse field of vehicles, each with varying horsepower, weight, and performance modifications, there is one constant, Pirelli tires. As the entitlement sponsor, the company outfits each vehicle in the competition with their P ZERO tire, and just a single weekend of racing can burn through 1000 tires.


For Pirelli, the motorsport series has proven to be a valuable resource for data acquisition and research and development and you couldn't ask for a better proving ground for a tire manufacturer. For World Challenge, Pirelli has brought a world-class level of product and knowledge to the table. According to Greg Gill, the newly appointed CEO of the Pirelli World Challenge, “Their commitment to innovation and product excellence is unparalleled.  They constantly work with the series with the transfer of knowledge and provide the best products from their global motorsports footprint.”  

The Pirelli World Challenge isn’t just for the seasoned professional driver with unlimited funds, but also for the up and comer, the rookie, and the gentleman racer who can all be found competing in the Touring Car B-Spec Series, a potential stepping stone into a GT car. These vehicles are smaller, lighter, and just plain fun to watch. A Mazda 2 can be side-by-side with a Mini Cooper, while a Chevy Sonic drafts only inches behind. With only a limited budget, a hatchback can be built and compete through the entire season. As Greg Gill put it, “With this class you can go racing and stay married!"

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