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Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

Pininfarina has unveiled the ultimate version of its all-electric hypercar with the reveal of the Battista Anniversario. Hand-crafted at Pininfarina's home in Cambiano, Turin, Italy, the limited edition will be available in three paint options, each of which takes several weeks to complete and is finished entirely by hand. The Anniversario edition will be equipped with their "Furiosa" package that adds a revised carbon fiber front splitter, side blades, and a rear diffuser. Though this package is available on any Battista, these aerodynamic elements feature an exclusive two-tone finish and are joined by a bespoke rear wing and rear aero fins to further increase downforce and overall stability. Additional details include black leather and black Alcantara seats, an engraved chassis plate, headlight engraving, "Anniversario" badging on the side wings, and black anodized dedication door plaques. 

€2,600,000 (approx. $2,897,194)

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