Novitec Sports Package Ferrari 488 Pista

Novitec launches its latest Ferrari kit with the all-new Sports Package for the 488 Pista. Available with three levels of engine tuning, the already-powerful V8 can be boosted further to bring the supercar's output to up to 802 hp, allowing for a 0-62 time of 2.7 seconds and an increased top speed of 214 mph. All that new power can be coupled with a matching high-performance exhaust system in stainless steel or INCONEL. 

Naked-carbon bodywork enhances the car's aerodynamics with a new spoiler blade, custom hood molding, rocker panels, and a rear spoiler lip. The Pirelli P Zeros have been fitted with Vossen wheels, which come in 20,21, and 22-inch sizes. Lastly, Novitec's hydraulic suspension system is worth noting for city dwellers who need a front lift system to assist with obstacles such as speed bumps and parking garage ramps.

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