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Nissan resurrects the the 1987 Patrol Fanta Limon

And brings it back home to the Saharan desert.
1987 Nissan Paris Dakar Rally Car Fanta Limon

Nissan has brought back one of its most famous racers back to life and we're not talking about a Skyline or a Z-Car. We're talking about the 1987 Patrol Fanta Limon, a car that raced the Paris-Dakar rally and was a winner in the diesel category and the first diesel car to make it in the overall top ten standings. 

Today, the car has been resurrected via Nissan's European Technical Center in Barcelona, Spain. Through a period of weekends and after work hours that amounted to two years of work, the team beautifully restored the car to its original glory complete with its 146-hp, four-cylinder turbodiesel that was capable of a top speed of 93 mph.

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