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Photo: Morgan

Photo: Morgan

Originally launched in 1936, Morgan's 4-4 was the brand's evolution into four-wheeled automobiles, a lightweight beast of a car that grew to become a British motoring icon and is still produced to this day. In fact, it also lays claim to being the longest running production vehicle in the world. The company is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the car with a special edition that pays homage to the timeless design of the original 4-4. 

The 80th Anniversary 4/4 will feature solid wheels with brass center locks, brass exterior detailing, side exit sport exhausts, and a quad bonnet strap, brass grille mesh, mohair roof, and part tonneau cover. The interior will be lined a generous dose of leather and a matte lacquered walnut dashboard, which will also feature brass-wrapped, vintage-styled Smiths dials. 

The car will be available in three special edition colors: Morgan British Racing Green, Saxe Blue, and Dark Red. 80 of the cars will be built with 1.6L Ford Sigma engines and will be available in left or right hand drive.

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