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Mercedes documents the careful and highly sophisticated process behind the restoration of the historic 540 K Streamliner:

The restoration of the 540 K Streamliner represents one of the most complex projects undertaken by Mercedes-Benz Classic. Virtually every part that no longer existed, and every detail, needed to be individually made or tracked down in the Mercedes-Benz Classic collection. But that was ultimately part of the journey through time that this complex restoration project involved: for in 1938, when this vehicle was first built, it was also an individual, one-off creation.

In 1938, the special vehicle production unit at the Sindelfingen plant spent day in, day out and year after year building the very finest sort of exclusive cars, developing a certain routine as they did so, their modern-day successors at Mercedes-Benz Classic came up against the question time and time again at various stages of their work: How did they do that? They viewed this question, as became clear when you saw them at work, as part of the challenging task they faced to make the restoration of the vehicle as exact as possible.

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Via Jalopnik

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