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Mercedes takes the E-Class wagon off-road

The most rugged and versatile E-Class yet.
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Photo: Mercedes

Photo: Mercedes

Mercedes is finally taking Audi head on with an Allroad fighter in their new E-Class All-Terrain. Based on the E-Class wagon, the car gets a higher ground clearance, bigger wheels, and 4-Matic standard to better tackle the road less traveled. Power comes from a diesel in-line 4-cylinder that produces 194-hp and is matched with a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission.

The car will get a number of exterior enhancements including a two-fin SUV-style grille, a new front bumper, a three-part rear bumper, and exclusive wheel sets options with higher sidewalls. And if you guessed that the car won't be coming to North America, you'd be right.

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