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Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake



Mercedes' curvy CLS becomes even more buxom this year with the debut of the CLS Shooting Brake. And don't call it a wagon, Mercedes is proudly calling their new CLS a four-door Shooting Brake and with its long, elegant lines we won't beg to differ. The car be powered by a range of engine options including an inline 4 all the way up to a V8 biturbo with 408 horsepower. The car will also feature a yacht-like wooden luggage compartment floor made from Cherry tree wood and features optional aluminum rail fittings to help protect the wood when in use. And now the bad news. Mercedes has no plans to take the car stateside. Yup, Europe once again gets their cool wagons, ahem, shooting brakes and we get monstrosities like the R-Class and 5 Series Gran Turismo. Link



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